Kunphen Center Magazine 2017

Kunphen Center is an Open-Door Policy Drop-In Centre providing support, advice, advocacy, counseling, and group and alternative healing therapies to those in the Tibetan community suffering from addiction issues.
Kunphen Center also liaises with other professional services, has multi-treatment and recovery referral options, and education in community awareness campaigns for all those and their loved ones suffering from substance dependence and the psycho-social problems it creates for all people.

Kunphen Center is proud to present its tri-annual magazine and expresses sincere and heartfelt gratitude for our well-wishers and supporters. It has been a difficult journey since the center’s revival in 2013 under the care of Mr. Dawa Tsering (MP). Kunphen Center wholeheartedly appreciates the Director’s efforts in rejuvenating the center’s life and Incorporating a unique and different set of programs and activities for the welfare of the community. We have provided you with a brief report of the activities that we have conducted in the town of Dharamsala in the last 3 years. The center’s main task is with regard to substance abuse, alcoholism and HIV/AIDS, nevertheless, we felt the need to also create awareness and educate the public on CD and NCD diseases, directly or indirectly related to chemical dependency- namely, Hepatitis, blood pressure, cancer, tuberculosis etc. In the pages that follow, we hope that you get a broad outlook of the work that’s being done and appreciate the fact that the center has contributed in the areas mentioned above. We thank the chairman Mr.Tenzin Gyeche la, for his spirit and guidance, his inputs and reviewing of our activities. We thank the previous board members: Mr. Tsewang Yeshi – former President of T.C.V, Mr. Dawa Phunkyi – Director of Delek Hospital and member of the Tibetan Parliament-in-exile for being with Kunphen Center during critical times since its inception and for working behind the curtain for the greater benefit of the community.

At the same time, we give a warm welcome to the new board members: Mr. Sonam Tsering, Mrs. Nyidon Lhamo, Mr. Tenzin Tsering and Miss Sonam Dolma.

We also wholeheartedly thank the different organizations, institutions and individuals who have always been there with us and have contributed in their own respective ways, without which we wouldn’t have reached this stage.
Lastly, we thank the school counselor and members of the Health club of T.C.V. Gopalpur in recognition for their keen interest in addressing the issue of substance abuse amongst their students. We offer our acknowledgements and gratitude to the Health department for supporting us in every possible way.

The full magazine can be downloaded as a PDF file : KUNPHEN CENTER MEGAZINE 2017