What we do

What we do



Treatment:- Counselling for the boys when ever necessary from our office secretary and every now and then there are volunteers to offer their service in counselling the boys.  Some of the boys willingly likes to go to Rehabilitation center for the treatment through our Center.

After care:Under our aftercare program, there are 14 boys at the moment. Three days in a week ” Sit & Share Meeting” with the after care boys, anyone from outside can share in the meeting. During ” Sit & Share” program they have meditation time also to rethink over the whole day and relax their mind.

Every morning our after care boys do  Yoga or Morning Walk( Lingkor) or cleaning the area as a part of exercise. 

Employment help:- After their 5 months course in Rehab Center or after becoming clean / Sober Center help them to get employed in various jobs like cleaner, cook, gardener, waiter at hotels etc. to make them earn something for themselves.