Plantation by boys at the New Rahab site.

Our After care boys planted Mango trees, orange trees, amla trees, mosambi trees at the New Rehab Building Site.  Thinking environment..

kunphen center dharamsala boys plantation


Fund raise event at Bodh Gaya and Dharamsala

Kunphen center fund raise at Bodh Gaya during the 34th kalachakara Puja  from Jan 1st to 15th  Jan, we were able to collect about Rs.  9 lakh.


And also during the  special teaching  to The Tibetan  Youths  from 5th June to 7th june 2017 at  Dalai Lama’s temple at Dharamsala.



KUNPHEN organised several events  in a year to raise fund to payback the debt to the building contractor and also to functioning the office. 

Client gets married.

Client thinly got married with Nyima.

Recovery boy married

our client Mr. Thinly  is married with Miss Nima last year. They are enjoying their new life. 

Kunphen Center Dharamsala
Kunphen Center Dharamsala
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