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New Center building & completion costs…


Tashi Delek.   I hope this  letter of mine will find you all in good health and spirit.  You are well aware that drugs and alcohol problem is high  spreading diseases in the world and even in our small exile community its spreading  too.

Kunphen has been the premiere and the only N.G.O. in the Tibetan community that has been dealing with problems of substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. It was founded by a recovering addict named Mr. Lobsang Wangkhang in the year 2000.  The center has so far held awareness and educational programs in all the Tibetan schools and settlements till now. It has provided rehabilitation treatment with the support of the Health Department to around 200 Tibetan addicts and alcoholics so far. In the absence of its own treatment facility, it has been sending the clients to places like Lower Dharamsala, Delhi, Dehradun, Mumbai, Pune and Shillong. At the present Kunphen has only an aftercare facility which has seventeen clients that are in recovery. The issue of addiction problems in the Tibetan Diaspora poses to be a big threat and will be a major source of concern for the whole community in the coming years. The epidemic is spreading at a fast pace in the small population of the exile community due to the lifestyle and the tough challenges posed by the current materialist trend to succeed. Since 2000 till 2012, there have been 45 deaths directly and indirectly related with Drugs and Alcohol in the town of Dharamsala alone.

When Kunphen was initially set up, it was granted a seed money of 25 lakh rupees from the private office H.H. the Dalai lama with which a plot of land was purchased with the hope of setting up a Tibetan Traditional Rehabilitation center. The project took seventeen years to be   a reality as Kunphen did not have any funds. The center now has been able to take the initial steps of the construction of a Rehabilitation Center with the kind efforts of Mr.Tenzin Gyeche la.  The YESHI KHORLO FOUNDATION donated around 79 lakh rupees i.e. 70% of the first Phase.  The constructions started in Nov 2016 and will be completed very soon, but still we have to raise remaining 30% of first phase and also a surplus fund for the Second Phase.

Therefore, we have prepared a breakup of the budget, so that it will be easy for everyone interested to make their contribution liberally, according to their choices. We have high hopes that you will help us support from the range of choices in the breakup budget. We highly appreciated and honor that if you could help any of the budget in the memory, or as a token of thanks for your any beloved parents, teacher etc. We shall be highly obliged to your kind support and help. Your help will save the life of many youths in the near future. Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Dawa Tsering(Mp)


Opertional costs…

Budget for the second phase and remaining 30% of the first phase of the Rehab project.

  • Multipurpose Hall  size 36ft X 31ft including the veranda = 1116Sqft X Rs.1300 persqft =  Rs. 14,50000.00 =US$  22300/
  • Kitchen and Dining hall 36ftX 31ft including the veranda  =  1116Sqft XRs.1300perSqft=  Rs.  14,50000.00 =US$  22300/
  • Detox Room  size 12ft X 31ft = 550Sqft X @ Rs.1300
  • =Rs. 715000. 00   = US$    7700/
  • After care room for 4 boys or girls 12ft X 31ft = 372Sqft X@Rs. 1300(need 4 rooms)  483600.  00=US$7440/-
  • Rain water storage 20ftX30ft=600sqft +Rs.  1000000.00                                                                                          =US$  15384/-
  • Basket Ball court and pole  =Rs.  250000.00                                                                                                                  = US$ 3800/-
  • Office table, chair, computer =Rs.220000.   00=US$ 3400/-
  • 15 Dinining table and benches= Rs.250000.00=US$ 3850/-
  • Television  and Dish Tv Set=Rs. 45000.00     =US$ 700/-
  • 40 Beds  Rs.220000 00=US$ 3400/-
  • 40 Mattress   Rs.180000.00=        US$ 2800/-
  • 80 Bed sheets and40 pillows @Rs. 850/-Rs.61000 .00                           US$ 950/-
  • Utensils in kitchen and Plate, cup , Gas & cylinder                                 285000. 00=US$ 4400/-
  • Pick up Jeep and including registration cost                                                                                   8, 50000.00=US$ 13100/-

Total amount of First Phase and Furniture=         Rs.7459600/US$114763/@65

  • Second phase includes 6 class room, 4 staff room, which size is 6000Sqft XRs1300per =   00=US$ 120000/-

 Total amount A+B to complete whole project 15200000/US$234000/

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