Kunphen Recovery Center

“Kunphen”, which literally means “universal benevolence”, is the first and only registered Tibetan non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides programs focusing on treatment and care for individuals living with substance abuse problems. It was also the first to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Tibetan Community in exile.
During the past ten years, the centre has helped over 150 Tibetans struggling with substance abuse problems by providing necessary funds to send them to drug rehabilitations centres, which are run by Pvt. Indian NGO. But our clients always were facing a problem with language and culture. Beside this, they learn other bad habits after they went to this Centre. Also increasing number of youths who are indulging in drugs and Alcohol. We felt very strongly to have our own Rehabilitation centre with our Tibetan tradition and ethic. In addition, it seeks to create awareness among the younger generation of Tibetans about drugs and HIV/AIDS by organizing awareness and counselling programs in schools. These seminars and programs help educate youth to avoid addiction with the help of both experts and former addicts that share their addiction stories and struggles with the students.

Critical situation

In a recent random survey done by our volunteers and through other information sources, we came to know that there are more than a thousand youth (boys and girls) who are using different kind of drugs in Tibetan exile community. The majority of them are using Spasmo-proxyvon (painkiller) Nitro-sun, Hash, Brown-sugar, Heroin, Alcohol, Codeine, Ketamine, Acid and MDMA and so and so forth. The problem is not restricted to drugs, it also creates many other problems in the community. The advent of drugs has brought along a lot of vices like stealing, lying, cheating, hustling, begging and has gone on to produce inhuman or cruel indolent and lethargic youths in the community. The family environment and structure has degenerated and every day more and more of our youths are falling victims to it. Also, our identity and culture are being damaged because of this addiction problem.

Aim and Objectives:

  1. To raise and create awareness towards the drug users problem and community responsibility.
  2. To educate and prevent the younger generations from indulging in drug use.
  3. To construct a Rehabilitation Treatment Centre and After Care Service with a Buddhist Ethos.

Mission Statement:

Set up with the blessing and encouragement of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the revived Kunphen Centre provides community education, empowerment and range of treatment option and support services to all affected by drug and alcohol misuse. Kunphen (Universal benevolence) reflects our desire to promote community responsibility, compassion and respect to all the members of affected by addiction issues. Kunphen wishes to promote and sustain the unique Tibetan culture and Buddhist Value of the Tibetan Community in Exile.

Board of Directors

Tenzin Gechey Tethong

Dawa Tsering
General Secretary

Dawa Phunkyi
Vice President

Tamdin Dorjee Negi  
Joint Secretary

Sonam Dolma

Tenzin Tsering  

Tsering Phuntsok