Special Opportunity For Female Struggling With Addiction

Drug addiction is a worldwide problem and even a small community of Tibetans in exile is not spared from it. Keeping the problem in mind, Kunphen was able to build a Tibetan Traditional Rehabilitation Center in Dharamshala. Since last April to till today we got 14 male patients, out of them, 6 patients have completed 5 months treatment and they are in recovery at their respective places.

We know that in our community there are even a few female addicts, so till now, no woman is coming forward for the treatment. Kunphen wants to encourage our sisters to come forward for the treatment.

For that Kunphen is taking the initiative to offer free treatment for the first three women who come forward for the treatment. 
Contact no 94181 85475, 7018034904
Email. kunphenrevival@gmail.com

3 Replies to “Special Opportunity For Female Struggling With Addiction”

  1. I am struggling with bulimia. I am an alcoholic but have not drunk for 9 months but I have now developed an eating disorder and everyday feel the need to vomit. I appreciate there may be other ladies in a more difficult situation than me, but this is taking me over and I feel I have left one addiction to another. If you could help that would be wonderful, but will understand thank you.

  2. I have struggled with alcohol addiction for the last four years I have been sober this time for 10weeks but I know that it’s on me again

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